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A Journey Through CoGro, the Queen’s University Coffee Oasis

Step into the world of Common Ground, also known as “CoGro,” the coffee shop run by students on the Queen’s University campus, and found on the second floor of the ARC. 

Now, CoGro might be famous for its bagels, but these are no ordinary bagels. They’re practically celebrities on campus, with the paparazzi (or should I say the hungry students) lining up for a taste. The secret behind their popularity? The bagels come with a sidekick – the elusive and mysterious secret cream cheese.

But CoGro is more than just a bagel haven. It’s like the financial savior for broke students. The menu is carefully designed to be wallet-friendly and lip-smackingly delicious. Whether you need a breakfast that’ll jump-start your brain before a big exam, a quick lunch to fuel your hungry stomach between classes, or a caffeine hit strong enough to jolt you back to reality, CoGro has got your back. You could say they’re the real unsung heroes of student survival.

And speaking of survival, if you’ve partied a little too hard the night before, CoGro has the ultimate remedy in my opinion– the Breakfast Bagel and Chai Latte. It’s like a superhero duo fighting off that evil hangover monster. The bagel is your knight in shining carb armor, and the Chai Latte is your magic elixir to bring you back to life. It’s the secret weapon of all responsible (or not-so-responsible) students.

As for the ambiance at CoGro, it’s a hive of activity. It’s where students come together to tackle academic struggles, swap notes, or just bask in the glory of procrastination. It’s all fun and games until you spot that group of people you’ve been dodging since your last awkward encounter on campus. Suddenly, you become a master of disguise, blending into the crowd with your Chai Latte like a ninja in caffeine-induced camouflage. Because at CoGro, it’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a survival sanctuary, and sometimes, a hide-and-seek arena with extra cream cheese.

Check out Common Ground Coffee House on the second floor of the ARC, online , ,or on Instagram at, or on Instagram. Let us know what you think!

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