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Cookie Butter Latte: Frothing Up Coffee Magic with Biscoff

Ah, the joys of travel and the delightful Biscoff plane cookies. You can’t convince me that these cookies weren’t crafted by wizards in some sugary sorcery lab. They’re like a buttery dream that ascended to cookie heaven.

Imagine a Biscoff cookie in its most elegant form – cookie butter. It’s the kind of spread that could make anything taste like a gourmet meal, and in my books, is much better than Nutella. Now, imagine that creamy, dreamy concoction swirling and dancing in a cup of coffee. Voila! You’ve just stumbled upon the most magical coffee drink of the season also known as the cookie butter latte.

Let me reassure you before you begin to think that this will be a high-maintenance concoction that will break the bank. This cup of coffee is easy to make and it focuses on one essential tool for any coffee enthusiast: the milk frother.

Milk frothers often come with fancy price tags, complex instructions, and cleanup duties. But fear not, fellow caffeine enthusiast, I have just the milk frother recommendation for you. Although small, this handheld frother I recommend to you today is mighty and strong. The best, most cheap milk frother I have come along and been able to have the joy of using is from Canadian Tire and it can be yours too for the small price of $9.99. 

Here is the link: 

This little frothing marvel is small, easy to store, and doesn’t hog your precious counter space. Cleaning it is simple and there is no need for advanced degree-level disassembly. And the best part? It won’t break the bank, leaving you with extra change for more Biscoff cookies and spread.

Here is my wonderful recipe:


  1. Ice Cubes
  2. Biscoff Cookie Spread
  3. 2% Milk
  4. Cold Brew


  1. Add ⅔ cups of milk and 1 tbsp of Biscoff Cookie Spread
  2. Use your new frother and mix the two ingredients for about 1 minute
  3. Add your desired amount of ice
  4. Add your cold brew (I use Starbucks Cold Brew for convenience but the choice is yours)

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