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Emily’s Caffeine Chronicles: DIY Iced Caramel Macchiato Magic Unleashed!

Hey guys! Emily again, I was just inspired for a post and had to write to you guys ASAP. 

Have you ever waited in line so long for Starbucks you actually don’t want it anymore? Who am I kidding? We go to Queen’s. For my fellow Starbucks loving friends, you know the struggle is real at Goodes and Mitchell. The lines there are so long; I’ve seen people bring folding chairs and start knitting scarves while waiting. Okay, maybe not the knitting part, but you get the idea.

So there I was, at Goodes, in line for what felt like an eternity. But let’s be real, I have the patience of a caffeinated squirrel, but waiting 30 minutes for a cup of coffee that will break the bank is a waste of time and money.

I decided to come home and figure out how to make an iced caramel macchiato with ingredients I already had at home. I live with three other girls, and our kitchen is basically a dreamland of ingredients. Seriously, if our spice rack were a person, it would have its own Instagram following. But on a serious note, I just had to share this awesome hack with you to make your own iced caramel macchiato.

Armed with ingredients (and the spirit of a coffee goddess), I cracked the code for an epic homemade iced caramel macchiato (aka found a recipe online). Disclaimer, you might need to invest in a few extra ingredients if your kitchen isn’t as well-stocked as ours. But trust me, it’s worth it. We’re talking coffee nirvana on a budget, people!

Let me spill the beans—pun intended—on how to turn your kitchen into a Starbucks-inspired haven. 

This recipe is inspired by Tania Sheff at


  1. Vanilla Syrup
  2. Caramel (Duh)
  3. Ice Cubes
  4. Espresso
  5. Milk


  1. Jazz up your cup by giving it a caramel hug—swirl it on the sides and bottom.
  2. Sweeten the deal with about 2 oz of syrup. Tweak it to your sweetness level—this is your coffee, your rules.
  3. Fill the cup half way with 2% milk for that creamy bliss, or whatever milk you like
  4. Drop in the ice cubes, but save some room for the espresso superhero—it’s the star of the show.
  5. Espresso time! One shot for the thrill-seekers, maybe two if you’re feeling a bit extra.
  6. Finish strong with a caramel encore on top. It’s the cherry on the coffee cake.

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